10 Cats Who Were Supposed to Land on Their Feet

So I learned a thing from Jackson Galaxy, cat whisperer. This is a kitty hug. It is them showing their absolute vulnerability and trust. It is not an invitation for belly rubs, because, damn, yo, that’s their soft bits, and they are hardwired to protect that.

They’re showing you they’re accepting and willing to be vulnerable around you, and you go for their soft bits. Not realizing you are saying, “Yeah, I love you, too, so I want to acknowledge your trust and show you that it’s not misplaced by touching you in a not-threatening manner.”

Try, if anything, a cheek scruff with a few fingers, or rubbing their head. Leave the belly alone, and start stroking it, maybe, if they’re on their side…but for goodness’ sake, don’t push.





If you had told me then that Gail was straight, I would have laughed for 4 years. 

While that comment is funny, it’s not true.

What I mean is, Gail isn’t hitting on Traci in this scene.

At all.

Rather, she is awkwardly trying to make a friend. She is trying to use her Peck background/connections to her advantage for once. None of the other rookies will give her a chance just because of her surname. All Gail wants is a friend. She is reaching out. She’s trying to be nice. But she’s been hurt so many times, and is so scared of being rejected yet again, that in the last gif you see her walls come back up.

Raise your hand if you’ve been Gail Peck in this scene.

[hand raised]

Eventually you stop trying.